Captain's Log
14 February 2024

Day 5 – Seal Rocks to Sea

What’s cracka lackin land folk?

So, the news you have all been waiting for…we survived the night with minimal troubles and limited sleep to match. At 0630 we were woken up by yet another wacky song from our amazing sail master Sara (stay groovy) before getting told the exciting news that the pool was open.

Now, let me tell you about our ‘pool’, well for starters it is the largest one out there, let me introduce you to the ocean! Us Youthies were lucky enough to have the option of acting out our inner Tarzan by swinging off a rope into the refreshing water or jumping straight off the bow. There were cheers and claps all around as our lovely Ella wowed us all with her graceful/mad flips into the salty bliss.

Following this we jumped straight into HAPPY HOUR! Everyone pitched-in to get the ship sparkling again with a bit of lively competition between the Youthies battling for cleanest bunk. Cooper and Will went head to head, with Cooper taking the win much to Will’s dismay.

Shortly after the saltiest sea dog around (Matty) gave us a very intellectual and lively lecture about road rules on the water. To really get our heads around it Matty had us gather props (fruit) and we became our own vessels struggling to navigate our way around each other – special shout out to our wind demonstrators who really added to the allusion.

Now moving on to the most exciting part of the day, we set off to resume our voyage leaving the beautiful Seal Rocks behind us! Luckily that short stay on land had us all ready to rock and roll with the waves again with no one suffering from the debilitating effects of sea sickness… yet.

Till next time, stay groovy!

Leticia and Sam

A few messages from our sailors at sea:

Jess – Hi Lollie!!!

Ingrid – Hello?

Thank you Leticia and Sam for a great story of our adventures today.

We are planning to anchor for a few hours in Broken Bay tomorrow around midday, before putting to sea again overnight tomorrow night.

Yours Aye, Captain Mike


32 52.5'S / 152 33.0'E


Weather: fine, partly cloudy; Wind: ENE / 18 Knots; Swell: NE / 1.5 m; Temp: 23 deg. C