Captain's Log
Voyage 03/23
7 February 2023

Day 10 – Final Night

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 10 and the final night of our voyage. Following a peaceful night at anchor the Youth Crew woke to an overcast morning in Port Arthur. Originally we had plans to depart our anchorage early but a leaking grey water pipe required an emergency repair by our engineers, so we delayed our departure and completed harbour furls of the squares (very neat furls) instead. With repairs and harbour furls complete we departed our anchorage and then battled strong head winds and an ugly 2-3m swell in Storm Bay to final make it to the calmer waters of the Derwent River where we came to anchor just off the Hobart Casino at 1920 tonight. Once it gets dark later this evening we will screen a slideshow of memorable moments experienced throughout the voyage then complete our end of voyage admin before settling into anchor watches overnight for the final time for the voyage.

That’s enough from me I will now handover to Anna, Kate and Allie who will give you a full run-down of our action packed day.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Argh! Ahoy there. This morning the peaceful sleep of the Youth Crew was rudely disrupted by Imagine Dragon’s ‘On Top of The World’, and with great reluctance, we dragged ourselves upstairs to the beautiful view of Port Arthur where we had anchored the night before. To wake everyone up a game of ‘Moose’ was played, which ended chaotically (some of us still in our sleeping bags).

After another delicious breakfast involving quadruple-tiered sandwiches and a 15 minute wait for the toaster, the Youthies were ready for morning brief. Liv enthralled us for 10 minutes with a joke that could have lasted for two, featuring Bob the Loser and a pod of bloodthirsty porpoises.

Following brief, we split into watches and discussed our end-of-voyage goals and takeaways. We all agreed that this voyage has encouraged us to take every opportunity we could get our hands on, and has resulted in personal growth all round. If you’re reading this and thinking of applying for a voyage, do it! We promise you won’t regret it.

Youth Crew were then tasked with the job of harbour furls, which required every Youthie to climb aloft and spread out across the three yards of the foremast – Reddies on the top gallant, Whiteys on the topsail, and Blueys on the course. In raging 18 knot winds, we struggled to fold the sails up into the UV covers whilst holding on for dear life using nothing but the yard and a footrope. Fortunately no one fell off, our biggest accomplishment. All sails were folded successfully, with Blueys doing exceptionally well on the course, earning Chucky’s praise.

To determine once and for all the best watch (although it goes without saying Blueys are superior, no biases here), Shaun hosted a round of Zooper Dooper races. The chaos that ensued is indescribable, each watch competing to eat their icy poles the fastest.  Brain freeze was inevitable. Unfortunately, Red watch came in first place, with White watch only seconds behind.  Blue watch came third, but technically that’s still on the podium.

Finally it was free time, with some Youthies heading to bed for a well-deserved rest while the others joined Reddies on their watch, where they jammed out to some music and rode the waves, joined by dolphins.  It was hard work though, with the youthies putting up two sails, fighting against the wind.  However it was a highlight in everyone’s day when a huge wave came over the bow and absolutely drenched Evan.

Pizza night! It was something everyone was looking forward to and Haydo did not disappoint. With six different types of homemade pizzas (nearly 200 slices), we were spoilt once again.  As we sailed into Hobart, Blueys took over watch – many of us finishing up bucket list goals we always wanted to do, such as climbing the 33m main mast and taking a selfie on the bowsprit. We were graced with dolphins several times throughout the evening until we finally arrived in Sandy Bay, Hobart, where we will be spending the night at peaceful anchor. Shoutout to the Green family parentals and siblings.  I’m a little green and red but having a blast.  Can’t wait to see you all soon. Miss you. Love Allie.

Shoutout to the Mulcahy family – Mum, Dad, Owen and Lukey. Hope you haven’t killed my fish and plants. See you tomorrow. Love Anna

Hey Clarkes – you better be reading these! Miss you and love you all loads – Dad, hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow! Let Grandpa know I didn’t get seasick, he was right. Love Katelyn

Signing off for now, Anna, Kate and Allie, proud members of the best watch, Blue Watch.



43 09.0 S / 147 51.7 E


The time is now 2030 and we are currently at anchor in Sandy Bay and experiencing moderate 8-12kt SW winds with nil swell and the current temperature is 14 degrees.