Captain's Log
Voyage 02/23
22 January 2023

Day 7 – Adventure Bay

Ahoy there dear readers, day 7 found the ship motorsailing eastwards along the southern Tasmanian coast, with following winds and seas.

Watches consolidated their training overnight and at 0700 commenced sail handling validation with Hoppy the Engineer and yours truly. We put each watch through their paces to ensure a baseline of safety and competence. You’ll be pleased to hear that all watches passed the test and will go into Command Day tomorrow with confidence in their abilities. Yes, that’s right, Command Day will begin tomorrow morning… but more about that later.

Morning brief was conducted at 1000 followed by cleaning stations. All sail was then handed-in and the ship came to anchor in the vicinity of the township of Adventure Bay, at the southern end of Adventure Bay, Bruny Island. As usual the daily siesta followed our delicious lunch, then rope races kicked everyone into gear at 1300.

After rope races, your humble narrator imparted some more sail theory wisdom followed by a talk on tacking the ship, filling in the last holes of knowledge and setting up our young sea-dogs for a successful Command Day. With that done, we opened up the pool for a swing and splash, as the rope swing was swung and the good old lily pad was launched for some refreshing fun in the sun.

Once the seaboat was recovered and youthies had showered and changed, Command Day brief took place, whereby the mission and aims were laid bare and the conduct was discussed along with some recommendations. In short, tomorrow morning at 1000 I will hand over the keys to the ship, along with a task list and navigation instructions, to the youth crew. They are to work together and achieve as much as possible in the following 24 hours.

Then with much excitement in the air, Command Day elections took place and I now have the pleasure to announce the following elected positions: Captain – Nick, Sailmaster – Louise, Navigator – Liam, Watch Officer – Keely, Watch Leaders – Dean, Liz and Dylan, and Chefs – Grace, Gemma, Sam.

Congratulations all, I know you will serve your crew well. Well, that’s it for tonight, apart from the screening of our favourite movie… youth crew will now turn-to anchor watches overnight, keeping the ship safe.

Stay tuned tomorrow night to see how our youthies fare.

Yours Aye,

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+