Captain's Log
Voyage 02/23
21 January 2023

Day 6 – Setting the Storm Jib

G’day from the STS Young Endeavour on this fine summer’s day! For some, the day started with the beautiful voices from Red Watch blaring through the PA system, but for others the mark of the new day was being woken up at 0001 for their Guts Watch as we sailed down south with the west coast to our port side.

Overnight the watches took on a new task, setting the Storm Jib. Each watch was given a basic instruction sheet and 5 questions we were allowed to ask the officer on watch, through using our knowledge and teamwork we had to set and furl the Storm Jib on our own accord… what fun! This was a true test of our ability to work together as a team, ironing out our strengths and areas for improvement.

The smell of freshly baked pastries heaved everyone out of their beds with ease, as the mark of breakfast at 0715 brought the group together to begin the new day bound for Port Davey. As the staffies on the bridge brought us into the bay we got to enjoy the surreal scenery the Port Davey has to offer. It’s truly mythical and majestic, just like Cap’s beard.

Soon enough we were at anchor having lunch before tendering to the shore. “Yee Haw!” Salty Sea Dog Sven the Cowboy of the Ocean took us sea dogs into the bay where some soared the summits of surrounding mountains and others swam the oceans of the salty seas. We seemed to be joined by some other guests of the Port to enjoy its fine features. Before departing the bay each watch took some time to reflect upon our watch goals set at the start of the voyage thinking about what new evolutions are coming about. Sea Dog Sven the Cowboy of the Seas began the tender service back to STS YE and soon enough we were basking in the heat of a warm steamy shower (defs only 90 seconds hehe).

As time ticked by and the evening began to fall the only person we consider to be above the Captain, of course, Ash, had worked up a meal fit to feed a crew of hungry seamen. Today’s theme was curries and boy did we enjoy it!

As we sign off, we begin the process of weighing anchor and commencing our longitudinal ascent towards Hobart, becoming some of the few most Southern people in Australia.

Tom and Liam


Shoutout – Hey Mum, Dad, Jacko and friends, what an amazing journey this has been. Working hard at all hours of the day and night and really pushing my limits, but it has been some of the greatest experiences. Look forward to talking to you all soon! – Tom

Shoutout – Hey, having a blast aboard! Sailing with lots of cool people and learning so much, super keen to tell you all about it. I am keen to sleep first though, catchya soon! – Liam


43 28 S / 145 51 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: SW at 8kts. Swell: SW @ 2.3m. Temp: 16.