Captain's Log
Voyage 02/23
20 January 2023

Day 5 – Six Consecutive Flawless Tacks

Hello friends, family, and loved ones of our newly adorned salty sea dogs.

I never thought it could be so sunny, for so long, and yet still be, so cold. As with every day on STS YE, Day 5 brought with it an array of fresh challenges. Starting off, Ash’s delicious hot breakfast consoled a Guts watch (0001-0400) wounded White Watch, and fuelled both Staffies and Youthies alike, ready for big day.

Sail theory boggled many minds as areas of high and low air pressure seemed to have more of an effect on the Captain than the sails, after finding himself faked out on deck (ed – The Captain breakdances for effect!). Even with sleep deprivation spreading like scurvy, the Youthies continued to study hard for Rope Races, with Blue Watch ending round 4 with a not so commanding lead of just two points over Red Watch.

Following an intense and thrilling round of Rope Races, Tacking rotations commenced. Youthies found themselves in unfamiliar positions, heaving-in and checking-away on ropes their untrained hands had never grasped. Port Tack, Starboard Tack, fortunately, the Youthies stuck to it like blue tack and quickly perfected the manoeuvre.

Coming off the high of six consecutive flawless tacks, the watches split off to engage in the ‘Stop, Start, Continue’ exercise. Each and every one of us had to reflect hard and think deep about our now seemingly mundane life back on dry land. We wrote down habits that we would like to stop, practices we will aim to start, and behaviours we will strive to continue, on pieces of paper that, along with a reflective letter to self, will be mailed back to us in 6 months’ time. This amazing opportunity to take a break from the constant movement of life on YE and consider our normal lives was eagerly seized by all Youthies.

We are currently headed south east along the beautiful Tasmanian west coast aiming for Port Davey as our next anchorage. With a gentle swell, crisp southerly, and no more sea sickness on the horizon, all the crew of YE are in good spirits.

Peace Out!!!!!

Youthies Nick and Lachie


Shout out: Hope you guys are having fun without me. Mum and Dad, I still can’t believe you have gone to the Aus Open without me, but I guess I’ll forgive you; this is pretty fun too – Nick.

I hope that walter isn’t still being a cow to Wilson in the morning. Cant wait too see you soon and hope you are all safe – Lachie.


41 57 S / 144 50 E


Conditions: Fine. Wind: S @ 5-10kts. Swell: SW @ 1m. Temp: 15.