Captain's Log
Voyage 02/23
18 January 2023

Day 3 – Ahoy Tasmania!

We made it across the Bass Strait!!!!

Overnight we started our first watches and with rain, lightning, passing boats keeping us entertained, however the highlight was the dolphins. Shakira woke us up at 0700 with “We’re in Tasmania” (White watch’s version of her “Waka waka” song).

We had a delicious breakfast then went into the happiest hour of the day, cleaning stations. We anchored officially in Tasmanian waters off Stanley and the Nut just before lunch. Ash cooked up a storm in the galley, with carbonara, pesto and roast lamb on offer for lunch.

With bellies full we had our much needed siesta then Blue watch smashed red and white at rope races, winning extra bonus points (catching the winning egg). It was then time to go ashore. It wouldn’t be an adventure without a bumpy boat ride, thanks ‘Salty Airways’ (aka Salty Kyle the seaboat coxswain). Soaking wet and freezing cold, half the youthies adventured into town while the other half hiked the Nut (a whopping 60 degree slope!) Up top the view was amazing and extremely windy.

After drying off we had some refreshments, then ‘Salty Airways’ brought us back onboard. Hoppy and Ash cooked up a great BBQ with a huge amount of food and a lovely dessert surprise – ‘Hoppy’s Famous Sundae Bar’. Most of the youthies then crammed around two tables in the cafe to play the world’s biggest UNO game (18 players) with Aeryn taking the win!

The whole crew then squashed into the cafe to hear the youthies present their ‘three way chats’ (an activity designed to get to know everyone a little better). Which got a big laugh from all.

Seb our Nav swooped in with his expert Anchor Watch brief, which we will be conducting tonight to keep us all safe while at anchor. Captain Adam Charlie Farley, Tori the Sail Empress and all the staff are helping us power through the challenges we’ve been set. Blue Watch is the best! From CC and Lou.

Shout out: Hola familia! Un besote. Miss you (Saknar dig). See you soon. CC
Shout out: Hi mum and boys, i haven’t fed the fish yet. Best friends at work – I hope you aren’t eating too many KFC chips without me! – Lou.