Captain's Log
V02/22 Geelong to Adelaide
9 February 2022

Day 9 – Command Day continued…

Ahoy there!

0001 marked the fourteenth hour of youthies controlling STS Young Endeavour and fortunately the wind had picked up and we were well on our way to making our waypoints. The night watches consisted of furling and clewing our sails to reduce boat speed to arrive in Adelaide at our designated time for the pilotage into Port Adelaide. With the wind directly behind us it was smooth sailing, and a nice rest for the youth crew on watch. And a chance to complete our other challenges, ready for the morning brief.

At 0700 our youth crew awoke to our youthie Captain Subi’s choice of wake-up song “Coming Home” by Shepherd and the smell of freshly cooked chocolate chip pancakes by our wonderful Youthie Chefos Tess and Abbey. Not a bad way to start our final few hours of command day, despite everyone being exhausted by our six hour night watches.

0900 rolled around and the staff crew gathered round for our youth crew led morning brief. We heard from our amazing command team; Captain Subin, Sailmistress Staz, and Navigator Emma. Then we knocked off a bunch of task list challenges that we had been preparing for since the start of command day.

We sang all three verses of our national anthem to the tune of “Your Welcome” from Moana, “My Heart Will Go On” from the Titanic, and “Hallelujah”. We played some trivia with the Staffies, several of whom won lollipops. Jack performed his original song, an ode to Captain Charlie Farley. And we learnt some life lessons from Declan, Erin, and Harry about how to NOT wear a safety harness, how to do your best Irish dance impressions, and how to not get sea sick.

After the morning brief we clewed the squares and furled the fore and aft sails and switched to motor for the pilotage into Port Adelaide.

At 1000 the youthies handed command of the ship back to Captain Charlie Farley after a very successful and fun, but long and tiring twenty-four hours in command. We took some time to reflect on our efforts throughout the stages of command day and share our most valuable learning outcomes from the experience.

Once we headed into the port river, we got the chance to lay aloft the foremast, and watch our arrival into port. After this we had a bit of spare time to prepare for the afternoon’s activities.

After the Captain and staff crew had performed their impressive feat of manoeuvring to come alongside in a berth with only metres to spare, the youth crew with their trustee watch leaders as advisers lay aloft for the final time to harbour-furl the square sails. Harbour-furling is the process of gathering the sails neatly with their UV covers on. We managed to get a photo with all youthies aloft.

We finished up with our final activities of the evening, ready for our final hours on ship tomorrow. As we’re currently alongside, the staffies informed us that youthies will not be conducting watches throughout night much to relief of nearly all of us (Subi likes watches). Everyone will be glad to sleep through the night.

Yours Aye,

Subi and Erin


34 49 S / 138 30 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: W @ 5kts. Swell: Nil.