Captain's Log
V02/22 Geelong to Adelaide
5 February 2022

Day 5 – Guichen Bay/Robe/Sea

Ahoy there dear readers, as we make ground towards the Backstairs Passage, with a plan to anchor at Kangaroo Island tomorrow forenoon… Jack, Quentin and Moraya have written tonight’s log. Enjoy.


After entering South Australian waters yesterday afternoon, anchoring in Guichen Bay, we managed to get a peaceful nights sleep which was much needed 🙂 This included short “anchor watches” where groups of three youthies had the opportunity to apply the navigational activities presented by our navigator, Kyle. This prepared us for our most exciting day yet.


After a relaxed breakfast we were excited to find out that we would be finally leaving the boat to spend the morning on a nearby beach. While there we held a mid-voyage discussion with our watches to determine which goals we had reached, and what we still needed to improve on.


After a refreshing (depending on your temperature preferences) swim, we split into small groups with the challenge of getting to know each other well enough to present ourselves as them in front of the crew for a few minutes each. Special mention to Harry’s solid method acting with some impressive Spiderman moves.


With that and a delicious lunch consisting of salads, prawns, chicken and more, our day started off just right ;).


With full tummies we got the opportunity to practice setting and tacking sails which led us from the bay and into open-ocean, where for the first time we sailed without land in sight. This was a pretty rewarding achievement for the whole team to say the least.


To top this, Jenko cooked an amazing chocolate cake to celebrate Emma (our Sail Mistress) navy birthday of 9 years!


We didn’t think we’d be able to top off our most exciting day yet, but while Green watch prepped for their graveyard watch, the Goldfish watch completed one of our most treasured goals and climbed the foremast to watch a golden and colourful sunset.


We are excited for the navigational night watches tonight and are excited to see what activities are in store for tomorrow.


Over and out!


Youth Crew Jack, Quentin and Moraya


36 40 S / 139 19 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: 130 @ 15. Swell: SE @ 0.5m. Temp: 14.