Captain's Log
V02/22 Geelong to Adelaide
2 February 2022

Day 2 – Geelong/Port Phillip/Bass Strait

Ahoy dear readers, Day 2 of our voyage began alongside Wangim Walk, Wave Attenuator jetty at Geelong today.


A beautiful warm sun rose, peeking through stratocumulus perlucidus when Sailmaster Emma commenced the day with a 0630 Early Morning Activity on deck, prompting realisation and appreciation of the here and now.


Jenko knocked up some breakie and then we all met again at 0800 to sing the National Anthem as part of our (the Royal Australian Navy’s) traditional Colours ceremony, where we hoisted our colours, namely the Australian National Flag (ANF) and the Australian White Ensign (AWE). The plan for the day was then hatched before youth crew were introduced to their safety harnesses.


Matty, our survival and safety equipment expert, taught them all about: donning said harness, conducting buddy checks and the process for laying aloft. Then it was time, ladies and gents, for our young shipmates to lay aloft for the very first time. And up the foremast they went, not stopping until they met the topgallant yard and then out they went, transversely, out said topgallant yard. And goodness me, they all made it to the top, out, and back and I was a very proud Captain indeed.


Back below deck then, lunch was demolished before we sailed at 1230. Proceeding out into Port Phillip and then south towards the Rip, sail handling was drilled enroute. This entailed setting and furling of the forestaysail and the mainstaysail. Then, when deemed competent, the mainsail and jib were set and we conducted a quick couple of tacks to ensure all know where to go and what to do. We finally departed the bay and out we went into a lumpy Bass Strait.


Of course there were some green faces folks, but that’s how it goes… and the fish were happy 🙂 Youth crew will settle into watch rotations and ‘watch-on-deck’ duties of helming, lookout and rounds responsibilities, while the other watch sleep.


With the wind on our nose we shall keep making ground to the southwest, towards Cape Otway, which we will look to round at approximately 1200 tomorrow.


Goodnight and sleep tight everybody.


Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


38 27 S / 144 25 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: 240 @ 15. Swell: S @ 1m. Temp: 14.