Captain's Log
Voyage 01/23
11 January 2023

Day 9 – Command Day

Ahoy landlubbers! Keira and Alex here with the Captain’s Log for the most important day of the voyage: Command Day!

We started our day with a classic Chucky wake-up and a perfect breakfast, which was followed by our handover ceremony for Command Day, which got everyone well hyped for the 24 hours ahead of us! The handover ceremony included our talented new Captain Pat receiving his very official captains hat aka pirate hat, the “telescope of challenge” and the keys to the ship.

With that, we got given our Command Day instructions which included a scavenger hunt for the navigation team to find their actual navigation instructions, as well as 26 tasks for the youthies to complete. We got together as a team to sort out these tasks, as well as help the Navs with their treasure hunt.

Then, we decided on how we wanted to handle the tasks and we sorted ourselves into our new watches; Green, Pink and Purple. We ran a few “dry tacking” drills to ensure we were all ready for the day of sailing. Afterwards, we had our first meal of the day cooked by our youthie team, which was a lovely selection of pasta. The food helped to get us energised for the long and exciting day ahead of us!

After a good feed we all gathered with our harnesses to complete the first of the 26 tasks; of climbing aloft to the foremast with all 24 youthies and snap a pic of us all up there. To start off the travel process we weighed anchor with the help of the staffies, then we got into the business of setting the 3 square sails, which is the first time we have seen all 3 in use. After a very slow crawl, the wind picked up and we headed to the first of our navigational waypoints. Soon enough it was time to set the rest of our sails (one of our many tasks), and continue on our merry way towards our next waypoint/s.

Soon enough it was time for dinner cooked by the youthies being a themed dinner “because you made this voyage your own, the theme is MAKE YOUR OWN DINNER!”. With our choice of nachos, burritos or burrito bowls. After that delicious feed, we kept on our way, and as this is being written we’ve just hit our next waypoint, we had to head out for a good ol’ wear and are now looking forward to a cracking night ahead of us.

Youthies Alex and Keira signing off.