Captain's Log
Voyage 01/23
8 January 2023

Day 6 – Deal Island adventure

Ahoy land loving legends, its Ethan and Cam from white watch here bringing your daily reading fix.Last night provided us with some of the best sleep since anchor. We were greeted by soft rolling 1m swell and a gentle tailwind. These pleasant conditions allowed us to set the square sails (the pirate looking one’s for you land folk).Red watch welcomed in the morning by laying aloft on the foremast watching the dazzling sun rise. The rest of us were greeted by pancakes and a various array of toppings (ice cream to vegemite).Although the food was amazing some would argue the view was better… Deal Island! Arriving here at 1100. This has been our elusive destination that we have been chasing for the past 4 days at sea. This picturesque Tasmanian cove will be our anchoring point for the night with the surrounding islands providing us protection from the fabled Bass Strait.

With sea sickness still rampant amongst the youthies, many were thrilled with the sight of the tender boat and the promise of land. Arriving in shuttles we scurried up the beach, some resorting to tree hugging and ground kissing to express their elation.The land day consisted of hikes up to various summits, beach activities and snorklers exploring the depth of Deal Islands rocky outcrops. By the way as we were hiking many summits we stumbled across a World War 2 plane crash site. Amongst the rust we could just make out an engine block and a pipe.Concluding the day the full crew gathered around the upper decks to enjoy a tasty barbie cookup. With sea sickness cured we spent the evening with full bellies and gratitude. Before the days end we plan to watch the sunset while aloft on the foremast.sea you in awhile crocodileEthan and Cam out!