Captain's Log
Voyage 01/23
6 January 2023

Day 4 – Camaraderie despite challenges

Ahoy landubbers, blue watch here for todays captains log.

Last night consisted of watch rotations, with lots of furling, wearing, tacking and teamwork (with some crew more green than others). At the change of watch at midnight, we changed our course with a two watch tack, the camaraderie was exceptional despite the challenging swell (3m swell and 30kt winds).

Blueys were lucky enough to score the 0800-1200 watch this morning still under sail with some of our crew regaining their sea legs, we pushed on with fewer numbers. This morning the blueys tackled their first solo watch tack and celebrated with a pod of dolphins beside the ship.

Our starboard side watchman lookout spotted black sails in the horizon, and confirmed we had yachts from the Sydney to Hobart returning home post-race. After the four hour watch we had the chance to rest our eyes and feed our stomachs, thanks to Ash’s hard work in the galley. After a much needed rest, we woke to the sound of the happiest hour of the day.

Although a little later than usual us youthies cleaned, danced and sang around the ship – with some colourful floral shirts brightening up the hour. Shortly after we were called to tacking stations, with all hands on deck. Our tacks are getting smoother, despite the rocking and rolling of the sea.

All three watches pulled together to set the jib and the course continuing down south to our next anchorage. Spirits are high, with DJ Tori and chucky providing the tunes. 1730 meant dinner was called in the cafe, where we were served nasi goreng and for some, plain rice was the dish of the day #riceinacup.

Big waves to our friends and family following along at home.

Youthies lizzi, ezza and eliza and the blue watch – out.


36 21 s / 150 33 e


Cloudy. winds at 20kts. swells at 2m. temp: 16