Captain's Log
Voyage 01/23
5 January 2023

Day 3 – JB for lunch and the Tasman Sea for tea

Ahoy there, dear readers. Youth Crew did a great job of keeping the ship safe overnight as we remained at anchor in the south of Jervis Bay. The peace however was shattered at 0630 with a wakey wakey and call the hands for an early morning activity on deck. So up we all went for a bit of exercise to start the day right.

Breakfast, morning brief, then happy hour were the order of things before Watch Leaders again took their eager sea puppies for seamanship training, this time with a bit of setting and furling of the sails. Out and in and in and out went the sails, drill after drill until a break was necessary to recharge batteries with a scrumptuous lunch.

There was no time for a siesta however as we returned topside to conduct a great little activity we call ‘3 way chats’ which is a nice way for youth crew to meet members of the other watches and learn a little bit about them. They then tell us all what they’ve learnt and in so doing we all learned a little about each other. Informative and entertaining. Well done youthies.

Then it was back for more sail handling training before Watch Leaders gave me the thumbs up and we weighed anchor to proceed into the bay for some more training… This time tacking drills, ladies and gents. A nice sail plan was set then ‘hands to tacking stations, prepare to tack ship’ was the call from Chucky which everyone responded to and several tacks were then conducted. And I must say I was greatly impressed with the skill and competence of our sea puppies who did tack the ship several times most safely and efficiently. They are definitely doing you all proud, mums and dads! Bravo.

Chucky and I nodded at each other knowingly, and I gave the command to shape a course out of the bay, past Point Perpendicular and once more into the Tasman Sea. The wind was howling, with a gale warning in effect, and the swell was decent. We pushed on regardless dear readers, as we have places to be and things to see… Youth Crew turned-to sea watches, as a course was shaped to the south east.

We will remain at sea overnight pushing southwards sailing with all fore and aft sails set. A tack to the south west at midnight is likely. Keep safe and warm ladies and gents, we will endeavour to do the same.

Yours Aye,

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+