Captain's Log
V01/22 Hobart to Geelong
11 January 2022

Day 8 – Command Day

Good Evening everyone,

It’s Captain Sophia Mellink reporting in on Day 8 of our voyage, also known as Command Day. From 1000 hours today, Command of STS Young Endeavour has been handed over for a 24hr period to the Youth Crew. Today, we commence our crossing of Bass Strait and endeavour to reach Port Phillip Bay, and Victoria’s infamous “Rip” tomorrow morning. It’s an honour to Captain this vessel towards Geelong and add my name to a long and illustrious list of Youth Crew Captains. The full Youth Crew positions are listed below.

Captain: Sophia Mellink
Sailmaster: Carl Ashworth
Navigator: Sam McVilly
Watch Leader: Niamh Blake
Watch Leader: William Graham
Chef: Alex Wilson
Chef: Stuart Morrow

I’ll now hand over to Kate and Gabby from our Youth Crew for a full account of today’s activities.

Fair winds and calm seas to all our faithful readers,


G’Day Earthlings,

It’s ya gals Gabby and Kate bringing to you the inside scoop on Command Day.

This morning started just like any other with a rude awakening from Hugh (Jackman). Our worn, tired and waterlogged bodies rolled out of our racks to perform a spirited walk above deck to ‘The Greatest Show’. We quickly moved on to playing the evolution game where Katy Perry was the highest power. Paper, scissors, rock determine the Youthies’ and Staffies’ fate of either an egg, a chicken, crocosaurus, power ranger or the ultimate ranking of Katy. Shout out to Emma (white watch leader) for carrying the supremes with a solo of ‘Firework”.

Morning brief started off good with a post breaky SAO and a lesson on punishment from the staff production team (Matty is still scared). All leadership positions then attended “Opposites” where Captain, Sail Master, Navigator, Watch Leaders and Chefos discussed classified intel, which cannot be disclosed at this time.

As ten o’clock rolled around the Staffies finally gave up on us and jumped overboard leaving Captain Mellink in charge. Unfortunately the Staffies smuggled their way back on board as they decided the Bass Strait was not the finest location for a morning swim. 

First on Capt’n agenda was setting sail and weighing anchor from the Coast of King Island and heading into the notorious Bass Strait. Our Sail Master Carl boasted good vibes for the sailing trip ahead and our Nav Sammy Boy’s wind dance ensured smooth sailing. We can confirm no more spew bags have been thrown overboard.

The afternoon was filled with post-lunch naps and ticking off some of the tasks set by the Staffies. Randy and Sari drew a gorgeous mural of Young Endeavour at midships – hopefully photographic evidence has been taken and will be shared for everyone. Many of the youthies woke to a dolphin sighting announcement, which caused much chaos involving ladders and scones. Dolphins WERE NOT seen.

Chefos Alex and Sam cooked up an amazing meal (I can confirm the best yet, sorry Jarod) of Nacho girlfriend and build a boyfriend burger. Each of us had a nice helping of trivia for dessert, and after much contesting The Best Team (Gabby, Kate, Oli, Randy, Sari and Jo) busted some unique dance moves (aka the bow and arrow) to win.

Hopefully we see Victoria by tomorrow, if not, please tell our mums (Diana and Lynne) we love them and send help when possible.

Signing off for now,

Xoxo Gabby and Kate


39 10.7 S / 144 19.8 E


Currently located 55nm to the south of Port Phillip Bay sailing on a broad reach and experiencing moderate 12-15kt ESE winds with a 1m SE swell.