Captain's Log
V01/22 Hobart to Geelong
7 January 2022

Day 4 – Sailing North

Welcome to day 4 of our voyage. Well our young crew got to step on Terra Firma this morning when they were ferried ashore to Bramble Cove and given the opportunity to climb to the summit of Mount Milner. They experienced some spectacular views of Port Davey and the Bathurst Channel. 


On their return to the ship we had an action packed afternoon planned and then at 1600 weighed anchor and in light to moderate SSW winds are now sailing north along Tasmania’s rugged West Coast. Well that’s enough from me I will now had over to White Watch who will give you a more detailed account of today’s activities.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Wakey wakey, eggs and bacey.

Today’s Captain’s Log is brought to you by the spew champions from ‘White Watch’ Kate and Willy G!

After spending a well-deserved night at port, the youthies had a chance to hug a tree in the most remote part of Australia – Port Davey. Through many stumbles and close calls (Sophia holds the highest score) we marched up the hill to get the perfect ‘Floral Friday’ photo – WE LOOKED AMAZING!! (and we’ll send it as soon as we have reception again) 

To top off the great climb, a few decided to take the plunge into the icy waters of Port Davey…. and damn, it was cold. 

With Kenny’s skilled driving, we were able to view our lovely artwork from the night before and climb back aboard Young Endeavour. We filled our empty bellies full of chicken snitty, just in time to hear the famous three-way talks. Lots of fun facts were discovered and even a couple of doggo’s were renamed. Ropies were next on the agenda with Blues taking the lead (But don’t worry – White Watch will come back and win overall). With some free time and great weather, a few youthies even decided to do some much needed washing of clothes (I bet a couple of them have never washed their own clothes before).

To finish off the afternoon, Captain Gav showed us how a sail works (Basically voodoo magic) and when to set them. He touched on the infamous ‘Dolphin Striker’ and the importance of having a working one (Sorry V15). With that advice we left our majestic bay and are now heading for Bass Strait. Fingers crossed that the youthies will keep their dinner down tonight as Jarrod’s butter chicken and Pavlova was to die for (legit). 

Signing off for today with the hopes of a sunrise climb on watch tomorrow, we wish you good night.


43 11.8 S / 145 37.9 E


Currently located 20nm to the north of Port Davey sailing under a modified sail plan and experiencing moderate SSW winds and our current speed is 5kts.