Captain's Log
V01/22 Hobart to Geelong
6 January 2022

Day 3 – Port Davey: Remote and Beautiful

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 3 of our voyage. During the early hours of this morning we rounded Tasmania’s South West Cape in reasonably good sailing conditions (the Youth Crew may say rough). We managed to reach the spectacular Port Davy by late afternoon and have anchored in the sheltered Bramble cove where we will remain overnight, ensuring that our crew are well rested for the days ahead. 


Weather permitting we will get ashore tomorrow so that we can hike up to the peak above Bramble Cove for a good view of most of Port Davy and the Bathurst Channel. Doing a wonderful job of writing tonight’s Captains Log is Niamh and Sophia from White and Blue Watch, please enjoy.


Until tomorrow, take care
Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Argh! Ahoy there! 

Greetings to all shipmates, armchair sailors and blue-water enthusiasts. Day Three was a bit of a rocky start, with most of the youth crew looking a bit greener around the gills and emptier in the bellies following our first overnight watches. Our wake up song, “Red Watch, red watch, what you gonna do?” was excellently composed and performed by the Radical Red Watch, and we’re keen to see what other watches come up with.

We started the day with another round of Chef Jarod’s excellent breakfasts (thanks to Willy G and Jo for cooking up a storm!), before continuing our watches. We were lucky enough to have a couple of playful seals follow the ship for a while, as well as to spot some majestic albatrosses coast above the waves. We’re still holding out hope for a couple of dolphins, and if we get really lucky, maybe a whale or two.

Following lunch, we quickly shifted to tacking stations for rotational tacking exercises, as well as the furling and setting of the headsails and ‘tween mast staysails—and now we’re really beginning to get the hang of sailing this beautiful ship!

Having left Quarantine Bay far behind, we continued our passage around the Southern tip of Tasmania towards our overnight anchorage. Port Davey is one of the most remote and beautiful places in the world, and we’re super excited to be heading there. Several of the youth crew were also tasked with climbing aloft to tie the gaskets on both the foremast and mainmast, which we quickly found was a lot more difficult when under sail!

We arrived in Port Davey late in the afternoon, and everybody got to take advantage of the beautiful scenery with photos and videos as we sailed into our picturesque little anchorage. Sailmaster Kenny allowed us some downtime where acrobatics and card games featured heavily. Another round of excellent dinners were had, and we received our navigation and anchor watch briefs for this next night at anchor.

The sun finally managed to break through the dreary layers of cloud that have been hanging around these past few days, and we’re all very excited at the prospect of a (relatively) unbroken night of sleep ahead.

A couple of shoutouts– one to Sophia’s Opa en Oma Bert & Truus for following along from the other side of the world, ikmis jullie verschikkelijk, hopelijk kunnen wij elkaar snel weer vasthouden. 

Another big shoutout to Niamh’s family, who have no doubt been closely monitoring the website for the next update.

This is Niamh and Sophia signing off for White and Blue Watch respectively. See you on the next one!


43 19.5 S / 145 59.7 E


Currently at anchor in Bramble Cove and experiencing moderate to strong ENE winds with nil swell.