Captain's Log
1 December 2016

V01/16 – Fleet Base West to Esperance

Ahoy there everyone,
Welcome to Young Endeavour’s first voyage for 2016, and her first domestic Youth Development voyage since December 2014. Our journey commenced here at Fleet Base West, HMAS Stirling today and will conclude in Esperance, in 10 days. It will take us around the most south-westerly point of mainland Australia, in Cape Leeuwin before we head east towards Albany and then onto Esperance Bay, stopping off at one or two sweet anchorages along the way.

Please allow me to introduce our crew:

Captain – Adam
Sail Master – Taffy
Navigator – Matt
Watch Officer – Paige
White Watch Leader – Kenny
Red Watch Leader – Marcos
Blue Watch Leader – Jordo
Chef – Jenko
Engineer – Horto

The Voyage commenced at 1600 today when the Youth Crew arrived onboard and met the crew. They were then divided into their watches (Red, White and Blue) and undertook a few ‘ice-breaker’ activities to get to know one another. That was followed by a tour of the Ship and then dinner.

Once we had cleaned up from Jenko’s lovely dinner, I had a chat to the Youth Crew about what their voyage would entail. On completion, Taffy, as Sail Master, gave his talk about some of the rules and safety aspects of Young Endeavour before giving a safety aloft brief and a demonstration on how to climb the foremast. On completion I undertook a harness confidence check for all members of Youth Crew. This involved inverting each one in their harness to prove they would not fall out. This is our final safety check prior to commencing our first climbs.

Then this evening, with some nerves and a great deal of courage and determination every member of the Youth Crew made their first climb to the Topgallant yard. A very impressive effort as we do not always get a 100% success rate. Then after a hot cup of cocoa the crew turned in for their first nights sleep onboard Young Endeavour.

In the morning we plan to get underway and sail around Rottnest Island before turning south and shaping a course for Cape Leeuwin.

Excitement and enthusiasm levels are high and I have a very good feeling about this voyage.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye,

Captain Adam


32 13 S / 115 41 E


Currently alongside Fleet Base West at HMAS Stirling. Wind is from SSE at 20 knots. Temperature 22 degrees.