Captain's Log
23 December 2014

V01/15 – Day Two – Making Good Speed

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 2 of our voyage. Overnight and during today we have continued to make good speed with the wind consistent from the NNE at 20-30kts. This has enabled us to maintain a boat speed of between 8-11kts which for a ship of Young Endeavours size (240 tons) is pretty impressive.Unfortunately with these conditions comes a not so pleasant swell, so some of our young adventurers and even some of the Staff Crew have been reintroduced to the ‘Sailors Curse’ seasickness. As normal this will not last and I am sure that over the next couple of days everyone will gain their sea legs.Given the conditions today we have kept the day’s activities to a minimum giving everyone the opportunity to get plenty of rest but still keep their watches so that they can still keep the ship safely sailing and continue to develop their mariner and sailing skills.In the past 24hrs we have sailed just over 180nm which is a really good start to our voyageUntil tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


35° 18' South / 154° 47' East


Currently located 180nm to the SE of Botany Bay sailing on a port beam reach under fore and aft sail and experiencing strong 20-30kt NNE winds with a 2 swell. Current temperature is 16 degrees"