Captain's Log
19 July 2009


Hi Everyone,At sunrise on Sunday this morning we were 8nm south east of Cape Upstart experiencing 10-15kt easterly winds and sailing under a reduced sail plan so as not to enter Upstart Bay to early in the morning. Following the normal morning brief I commenced Captains setting and furling drills. These drills are the final training activity prior to the commencement of Command Day and ensure that all watches can safely set and furl all sails. On completion of these drills all sail was handed in and we proceeded into Upstart Bay were we came safely to anchor at 1115. Following lunch and another set of rope races the Youth Crew were ferried ashore to an isolated beach were they were given the opportunity to have a leg stretch, play beach sports or enjoy a refreshing swim. Once back onboard Trish the Sail Mistress conducted a short communication exercise followed by the much anticipated Command Day brief. This evening we enjoyed another sunset ‘teak deck BBQ’ followed by Command Day elections. To complete the evening’s activities everyone sat down and enjoyed the classic tall ship movie “Around Cape Horn” before turning in for a good nights rest.Please find attached Captains Log Entry from Youth Crew Member AmandaUntil tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavHello to all those at home and not lucky enough to right here, on board the young endeavour. The trip so far has been amazing, We could hardly have asked for better weather. I’ve got bruises and bumps and scrapes but every single one of them has been worth it. We’ve been to some wonderful places and seen some beautiful sights. I’ve learnt so much in the past few days and I’m sure that I’ll continue to do so especially as we take control of the ship tomorrow for command day. Its going to be challenging, but after all, that’s a large part of why I’m here. That’s enough from me, I only want to say one more thing: happy birthday Mum!All the best, hope you are having something close to as good a time I am.Amanda 


19°43's / 147°44'e


Currently at anchor in Upstart Bay and experiencing moderate to strong SE winds at 15-20kts.