Captain's Log
25 July 2001

Trying to Stay Standing

Yesterday the weather was perfect for a day at anchor, the merest zephyr just sufficient to keep things cool and flat seas, which provided for a very relaxing day at Monkey Mia and another enjoyable deck barbecue in the evening. Afterwards we held a Young Endeavour movie night showing ‘Around Cape Horn’ starring Captain Irving Johnson, a unique piece of film recording the great windjammer Peking’s passage around Cape Horn. After many days at sea on our somewhat smaller square rigger all our new found salts could clearly identify with the exploits of these remarkable seafarers from an earlier era.Immediately after morning brief we weighed and sailed from anchor in a fresh easterly which had us doing an easy seven knots under fore and aft sail. Unfortunately this afternoon the breeze died away to nothing, as is clearly the want in these regions, so we made the most of it and, after the obligatory round of rope races, stopped the ship and enjoyed a bracing swim in the cooler waters of Western Australia’s middle latitudes.Now we are once more underway, motor sailing in light airs confident we will get a breeze later this evening so we can get back to the serious stuff of sailing.Until tomorrowCap’n Bob.Youth Crew entry by Liam Shaw aged 16 from Victoria.Today, in my opinion was another simply unreal day. Leaving Monkey Mia was of course sad but it is somehow relieving to be back at sea with the constant rocking providing a fun game of just trying to stay standing. The weather today was nice and sunny providing us with perfect swimming conditions. So far the voyage has been unbelievable. We have all learnt so much about ourselves, each other and sailing.A large group of us have decided to stay together for an extra day in Fremantle. (Sorry Sharna baby)So, hi Mum I’m missing your cooking (although the food Woody is cooking us here is extraordinary). Can’t wait to see you. Dad, I know when I get home and tell you all the stuff I’ve been doing you’ll go green with envy. Thanks so much for getting me on here.Alana, the last couple of days we’ve been seeing none stop dolphins and whales. Wish you could see them. Ev, how many CD’s do I have in my CD rack? And how many are in your’s? Zoe, I’m sorry I’m going to miss your birthday I’ll try to ring from Freo. Sharna, I miss you so much baby. I wish you were here. I’ve been blowing you heaps of kisses. Say hi to everyone at work and tell Fiona I could get her a dolphin, yet. See you in a week. See you all in a week, Liam ‘Bob’ Shaw.Today’s staff crew entry is by Leading Seaman Chris Duke, (Ducky), Red Watch Leader (currently in Sydney).Today is my last day with Young Endeavour, which is a very sad occasion for me. I would like to thank all my ship mates for all the fun and adventures we have shared together over the last 18 months at sea. I would also like to make a special mention of all the great youth crew that I have met, and I would like to thank everybody that has been with me in Red Watch. I have felt very proud to serve in Young Endeavour, and I will miss you all.Fair winds and following seasDucky


25° 24' South / 113° 6'


CO's Log 25 July 2001Situation at 1800 Wednesday 25 July 2001: Course 270, speed 7 knots. Conditions: wind 5 knots, clear skies, temp 22 degrees.