Captain's Log
14 April 2000

To Gabo Island instead

Conditions continued with light winds yesterday afternoon and more motoring so we had some fun with deck games to pass the time. Last night at last some wind piped up but alas from the wrong direction. None the less with 25 knots across the deck it was ideal for sailing so at 0100 this morning we shut down the engines, set fore and aft sails and were soon making good six knots to the ENE. At the change of watch at 0400 it was all hands to tacking stations and our first tack in some decent breeze and in the dark at that. The Youth Crew acquitted themselves well, closing up promptly and the tack went smoothly.Closing the coast close hauled on the starboard tack had us back to tacking stations again at 0800. Once we had made some offing the wind died again so back on with motors for more motor sailing. By this stage it was clear that we could not make Twofold Bay today and we have decided to anchor off Gabo Island instead, a spot no-one on board has been to before, (it’s always nice to try something new). Apart from all the tacking the highlight of the morning had to be the big cake that the chef prepared for our birthday girl, Fliss, who is 24 today.Now we are at anchor and all have gone ashore for a walk to the lighthouse. There is definitely a sou-westerly change forecast for tonight and the barometer is falling so when everyone is back on board it will be up anchor and hopefully a good sail up to Jervis Bay tonight.Fair winds to you (and me I hope)!Cap’n Bob.


37° 36' South / 149° 54'


Wind light northerly, temp 20, skiesovercast with an occasional shower.