Captain's Log
8 November 2009

Three ways

Good evening Shipmates,As predicted, yesterday evening the wind did die away and the iron topsail was reluctantly started and the ship motor-sailed throughout the night. Fortunately the breeze picked up again this morning and engines were shut down at 0700 with the ship broad reaching at over 9kts in the freshening SE winds. The YC are now very much into the routine of keeping sea watches and enjoying life on the ocean wave. Following breakfast, morning brief (that included a visit by ���Nanna’), it was into ���Happy Hour’ giving the ship a good clean. Rope races followed and then after lunch the YC received a lecture on ���Rule of the Road’ from Bel. During all of these activities the ship wore (gybed) numerous times as the ship tacked downwind. Getting tired of wearing ship, three tacks in quick succession were completed under the envious eyes of the sailors from the Naval ships Darwin and Success that passed us by as they headed north at speed.The ship sailed to anchor in the lee of a coral reef and small tropical island known as Hannibal Island at 1600. A BBQ was held on deck and then the YC conducted ���three way talks’ where each youth crew member takes on the character of another. This usually provides a few laughs and tonight was no exception. Normally I would have remained at anchor overnight but we have a date with a tidal window to transit Albany Passage tomorrow morning at 0700 so at 2100 the ship sailed from anchor and recommenced the passage north. Perhaps we’ll have a rest tomorrow. Yours AyeCaptain Gunna


11° 30' South / 142° 56' East


Co 000, Sp 6, Wind SE 16 kts, Temp 24C