Captain's Log
7 June 2003

This Magical Experience

Situation at 20:00- Last night the Youtrh Crew completed a major team building exercise. In their watches, they were assigned various tasks, such asbracing the yards, within a limited time and with no assistance. They needed to employ not only the technical sailing skills they have learned, but also the principles of communication, tolerance and cooperation. Lots of valuable lessons were learned that will stand them in good stead for command day.At morning brief Engineer Rags produced an enormous haul from his scran bag, and required payment in the form of a particularly animated song. Salty Sea Dog Lisa continued her entertaining versions of describing the nautical origins of commonly heard sayings. Today’s was ‘Shake a leg’. Next it was off to happy hour, which was dedicated to the bulkheads. The main activity of the forenoon was demonstrational and rotational tacks. The watches rotatethrough each other’s tacking station so as to better understand what is involved in tacking or wearing the Ship. Each member of the Youth Crew is also able to sit with Captain John and observe tacking from the vantage point of the big picture. This helps to clarify what can be a complex evolution and builds upon the previously deliveredsailing theory lectures. The afternoon was dedicated to setting and furling drills. Each member of the Youth Crew took turns being in charge of settingand/or furling one of the sails. This made for a busy afternoon but ensured that they will be well prepared for command day. By the time the first dog watch closed up, all hands were ready for a break and looking forward to supper. The Youth Crew have just finished watching a video of a square-rigger rounding Cape Horn in 1929. This is amazing video that is the only known footage of its kind, and makes us all appreciate the comforts we enjoy in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. During the night watches,the Youth Crew will concentrate on practising their navigation skills. We will have to wear ship several times as we stay towindward of Dunk Island, in preparation of anchoring there tomorrow forneoon.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship carries 13 tons of fresh water. To augment this, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is fitted with a reverseosmosis plant capable of making up to 4 tons per day. Despite this, conserving fresh water is taken very seriously and all hands have a role to play in ensuring that water isn’t wasted. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Sheet- The lines attached to the clew of a sail and used to control its horizontal movement. Halyards-The line attached to the head of a sail and used to control its vertical movement.Thought of the day: Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than torank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows no victory nor defeat. Theodore Roosevelt.Yours, Aye John CowanLCDR, RANA huge G’day to all. Today was yet another awesome day at sea. setting and furling drills were a challenge but made all the morerewarding by the surroundings and the ends results. We are all having an amazing time and really coming together as a team. Climbing Aloft is another challenge which everyone has risen to extremely well andno one can deny that the view at the top is all worth it. The last few days have gone extremely quickly but they have all been ones that we will never forget. Can’t wait to be able to tell you all the lessons learned and memories made, love you heaps and see you soon,Sarah, Canberra.Hello all, yet another fantastic day. I still have to pinch myself to realise I am here in Oz experiencing life on the Young Endeavour. Our watch works well together and we all bring individual experiences together to create an awesome atmosphere. We havemanaged the sail handling well up till now, and I know many are looking forward to Command Day with great excitement. for me it is the little things that make me realise this magical experience – sailing through the Whitsundays, having sun in the ‘winter’, oh and eating wombat (Meat Loaf) for lunch, despite the obvious Pommy jokes, this is a magical experience that I can hardly believe – each day that passes brings new findings. Fair winds to you all,Kate, Portsmouth, England >


17° 57' South / 146° 31' East


At sea under five sails. Wind:Sou'East at 12 kts, Temp:26c, Cloud:3/8.