Captain's Log
27 July 2000

There Will Be Tears

Last night the Staff and Youth Crew entertained each other with the end of voyage concert and each watch provided us with some very amusing skits. This morning it was up early for final preparations before entering port, namely cleaning above deck and below. Then it was all hands into Young Endeavour uniform and Youth Crew manning the yards as we came alongside Mackay Marina.My final pleasant duty for the voyage was the presentation of the Youth Crew voyage certificates and the Order of Australia Association Emblem. The Emblem is awarded to Youth Crew who best displayed the spirit of the voyage and the Youth Scheme. This voyage the Emblem was awarded to Lisa Kelly, aged 21 from Emerald, Victoria.Youth Crew entry by Lucinda Altuna (age 20 from Oakville) ��� What a voyage! This is what dreams are made of! None of us expected what we all experienced: the Whitsundays, snorkelling, bushwalking, and the friendships, even Hamilton Island, who could ask for more? We even sneaked in a bit of sailing as well! (Brother Nutze fell into a deep sleep and recovered awkwardly towards the end of the voyage.) There weren’t many complaints from the ���tourists’ on board who had a fantastic time! Also the BEST watch ever known to Young Endeavour, that being White Watch of course, won the rope races competition. Was there ever any doubt? (With a watchleader like Rick, who could go wrong?) During Command Day the BAT team were successful in conquering Scawfell Island. The distance, however, was extremely deceiving. Also thanks to Damo and his toy boat, the BAT team were successfully saturated by a drive by ordered through by Paul. Thanks guys! Revenge is sweet. We were even complimented on our singing of the National Anthem. Well, some were compliments. Concert night was also a hit. Especially the staff’s skit and Damo the Naval Reserve Cadet! We’re a bit worried about the male members of white watch though who took a liking to the opposite sex’s clothing and were thoroughly enjoying every second of it! Well all fantastic things must come to an end and unfortunately the voyage has. There will be tears as we unwillingly cross the gangway and leave our well loved temporary home and once again return to boring old reality. The skills and unique experiences that have been experienced on board here are unforgettable and will be missed dearly. Especially the Staff who did a fantastic job of keeping us entertained 24 hours a day without fail! Great job guys. Thankyou from everybody. Please don’t make us leave!For every ending there is a new beginning and we wish our Youth Crew from Voyage 12/00 Bon Voyage. I know they have all got a lot out of it. It has been a lot of fun and very rewarding for me personally and I have enjoyed the opportunity to once again relieve the full time Captain, Andrew Rourke. It is obvious he has awonderful ship and crew. I have also enjoyed sharing the voyage with you on the Internet.Until next time, remember to challenge yourself each day and to have fun.Cap’n Bob


21° 8' South / 149° 15'


Alongside Mackay. Wind South 15 knots, temp 22 degrees, skies overcast