Captain's Log
27 April 2002

The youth crew has the ship

Current situation at 1800Last night we remained at anchor, the Youth Crew enjoying an insight into sailing ships of old, with a video of some unique footage taken aboard a four-masted barque, the Peking, rounding Cape Horn earlier last century. After a quiet night at anchor on the tranquil waters of Jervis Bay, it was everyone up bright and early as usual for some morning exercises then, after breakfast and of course cleaning stations, it was a final set of rope races and then the all important Command Day elections where the Youth Crew determine who amongst them will do what for the biggest challenge so far, Command Day itself.After lunch we sailed from anchor and once clear of Jervis Bay I conducted a final set of sail setting and furling drills, satisfying myself that the Youth Crew would be able to handle sails and lines safely during the next 24 hours. This was clearly demonstrated after which the Youth Crew were allowed a short period of planning and preparation before Staff handed over ���control’ at 1700 and provided them with their first challenge by backing the ship. This they soon sorted out and now have the ship going where they want her to go.Tonight they have a series of waypoints to pass through designed to test their decision making abilities, teamwork and of course sailing skills. The Youth Crew are all intensely involved in their Command Day activities for the moment so we will catch up with them tomorrow.Goodnight for now,Cap’n Bob.


34° 42' South / 151° 6'


Course 040 Speed 6 knots. Wind southeast 15 knots, clear skies, temperature 18C.