Captain's Log
10 June 2002

The Youth Crew has the ship!

Current situation at 1800: It’s Command Day and we’re sailing. So far so good. The Beach Assault Team (BAT) headed for the beach in a small inflatable boat as soon as I handed over Command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR at 9am. They got a huge bunch of people to sing with them and returned to the ship courtesy of a tow from a jet skier.The YC sailed the ship professionally from the anchorage and we are presently off Moreton Island hunting down checkpoints and sailing the ship beautifully. And of course the wind is coming from where we need to go – Caloundra – near the entrance to Moreton Bay. Here are some reflections by the YC of the Voyage so far:Luke Rayner, 23, Taringa, QLD.Go for it! The Young Endeavour gives you the opportunity to learn a lot more about yourself and how you deal with varying circumstances. With help from the supportive staff crew, character building, communication/interaction skills and mental and physical abilities will all be enhanced once you have been on a YE voyage. Combine this with being fed well, seeing coastal Australia and most importantly, non-stop FUN, and you get a life-changing experience. Trust me, you won’t regret taking the YE challenge!Nicole Cope, 22, RockhamptonI think the most significant thing I have learned about myself on young endeavour is that if I want something bad enough and I work hard enough for it, I can get it. I’m going to start applying this to my every day life, so that when I retire I can look back and recall where it was my success in life all began.3. If you have a doubt in life as to where you can go from here, I highly recommend young endevour as it’s more than just learning how to sail. You achieve wonders, glimpse the worlds miracles (if you’re lucky) and make great friends.Stay tuned,Andrew R. Davis


27° 0' South / 153° 30'


Somewhere at sea in the South Pacific Ocean (near Moreton Island). Wind westerly at 10 Knots, Temp 21.