Captain's Log
23 July 2002

The WInd Will Find Us

Situation at 20:00- Overnight the Youth Crew stood their first watches and layed aloft to the T’Gallant and Topsail yards. This was carried out inabsolutely ideal conditions, without a breath of wind and a completely calm sea. At 06:30 all hands were awakened by an imaginative song from the watch-on-deck, which was followed by aninvigorating jog around the upper deck. At the morning brief, Salty Sea Dog Lozza explained the nautical origin of the saying ‘Son of a gun’. She was assisted in this by Chef Polly and Watch Leader Rags. It goes without saying that the whole process was a labour of love. The next item on today’s schedule was happy hour. The Youth Crew are quickly learning about XO Paul’s philosophy of a clean ship being a happy ship.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR got underway at 09:00 and commenced the long passage down the Brisbane River and out of Moreton Bay and finallycleared Caloundra Head at 15:30. Throughout this time, the Youth Crew were put through their paces learning about line handling, deck safety, setting and furling drills and tacking stations.It has been a very long day and there are many tired faces onboard. Despite the fact that there is very little wind, the ground swell from the South East has resulted in some very green faces and a less than full sitting tonight at supper. Not to worry however, the Youth Crew are all Queenslanders and tough enough to bounce back oncethey get their sea legs.Overnight we will continue to motor sail to the North and keep our fingers crossed that the wind will find us.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR fact file: The Ship’s hull is painted ‘Britannia’ Blue and is the only ship in the world, other than the former Royal Yacht Britannia,to be approved by Her Majesty the Queen to wear this colour.Thought of the day: …Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential,vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. Robert F. Kennedy.Yours, AyeJohn Cowan


26° 46' South / 153° 27'


Wind: NE at 8 kts. Motor sailing under five sails, making ground to the North.