Captain's Log
2 December 2000

The Village Idiots

After the howling winds of yesterday, the winds abated overnight and by this morning we were becalmed on a painted ocean. I gave a presentation on sailing theory in the morning and then all the Youth Crew took turns to be on the bridge to observe the sequence of events when we conducted a series of tacks. Kath, aka Tug Boat Driver, Tina Tough, was rudely interrupted during a Rules of the Road lecture by the cover band, Village Idiots, singing ‘Macho Man.’ Late this afternoon I talked to the Youth Crew about the forthcoming Command Day when they will have the opportunity to command Young Endeavour for 24 hours starting on Monday morning. They were really keen to get going and the lobbying for positions started almost immediately. Tonight we will do the ‘Bear’ teamwork exercise and journey south west to ‘The Nut’ at Stanley on Tasmania’s north coast to anchor for the evening.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


40° 20' South / 146° 10'


Current situation at 1800. In Bass Strait. Wind nor'east at 5 knots. A lovely Tasmanian day.