Captain's Log
29 August 2002

The True Spirit

Situation at 17:00- The final morning started at 06:30 with a game of ‘wizards and gelflings’ set amongst the magnificant backdrop of the Sydney HarbourBridge and the Opera House. Kaz cooked up her final breakfast feast onboard Young Endeavour – we will miss your culinary talent, smiling face, not to mention guest appearances as Stewie Claus’little helper. The ship was given a final scrub down as we weighed anchor and proceeded to Garden Island.Just before arriving alongside the Youth Crew all lay aloft to proudly greet their family and friends on the wharf. Their stirring rendition of the National Anthem brought a tear to the eye. Once safely berthed, Captain John congratulated all the youth crew and staff for a very successful and enjoyable voyage from Brisbane. Theweather proved to be a challenge at times but brought out the true spirit of what Young Endeavour is all about.Congratulations to Adam Webb for winning the Order of Australia emblem. After doing it tough in the first few days due to sea sickness, you really fought back and were a great example to the rest of the crew – well done Webby.I would like to add a quick personal note to my Dad Rob – Happy 50th tomorrow – sorry I can’t be in Brisbane for your party. Will be thinking of you. Happy Fathers Day too for Sunday – and to all the other Fathers out there.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The best days run ever recorded by a sailing ship in the Southern Ocean took place 11-12 Dec 1854 when the 1947 ton ‘Champion of the Seas’, a Black Ball Line of Liverpool, logged 404 NM in a period of 23 hours and 17 minutes – an average of just over 17 knots. The fastest we went on my watches this voyage was 10.9 knots.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Bobstay – The wire, rope or chain running from the end of the bowsprit to the cutwater to providetension to the bowsprit and hence the ships fore and aft rigging system.Thought of the day: The most human thing we can do is comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. (Clarence Darrow)YOUNG ENDEAVOUR will enter a well deserved maintenance period on Monday – so stay tuned for the next adventures starting in October…Yours, AyeLauren Hindmarsh,LEUT, RANWatchofficer/Watchleader


0° 0' South / 0° 0'


Alongside Naval Fleet Base East at GardenIsland, Sydney. Final log for Voyage 17-02 with 'Lolli' at the helm.