Captain's Log
6 July 2000

The Three Stooges

Having had a well-deserved rest at anchor last night, it was up at 0630 for a spot of aerobics and some dance lessons. We weighed anchor at 0800 and motored out through Solway Passage. Sail was set very shortly afterwards and the engines shut down as the ship commenced working south in a moderate SE breeze. After a spot of rain early in the morning, the sun came out and it has been a glorious day ever since. We’ve been tacking every few hours and loving the life on an ocean wave.This afternoon, the three stooges (watch leaders Donny, Ducky and Woody) ran some deck games that were quite hilarious. Everybody got involved and had a great time. By mid afternoon the wind had favourably backed to the east, enabling square sails to be set. We have been having a great sail in near perfect conditions.Later in the afternoon, each of the watches held voyage talks, where everybody is encouraged to discuss both high and low aspects of the voyage. The feedback has been very good with the common theme being that the voyage should be longer. I agree, and I speak on behalf of my crew, who have all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of sailing with this unique YC and knowing that they could easily handle a ten day voyage.The squares are now clewed up and the ship is close hauled and will likely remain so during the night. We will be tacking at least twice overnight so it will be another night of broken sleep. Like many good things in life, tacks are free. YC entry by Tim Stephens (age 22 from Sydney) – Soccer on Whitehaven Beach followed by a BBQ dinner and 3 way talks. Next morning weighed anchor and sailed through the Whitsundays. Lots of tacking and sail setting. Our game of soccer was quite funny. I had no idea whose side I was on, or even if there were sides to be on. The game ended when I was fighting over the ball with another player and lost my balance, falling on the ball and popping it.YC entry by Mark Shepheard (age 30 from Leeton, NSW) – Being at anchor meant that we could all get a good rest for the full day of sailing that we have had today. Our day started with aerobics on deck at 0630. The aerobics was some sort of blend between the ‘bus stop’ and a Jane Fonda video. A good warm up to the day and then the real work began. The clock was on to weigh anchor and get sailing on our way back to Mackay. It is now 1800 and we have spent the day under sail. The only way to describe the day would be ‘fantastic’. The sail changes and tacking required all the skills of teamwork that each of the watches has been working on since we joined the ship on Monday. I am very lucky to have a watch group that has blended extremely well and we make a fantastic team. A highlight today has been our end of voyage discussion. Our watch had an open and honest discussion about our feelings for this voyage. I am happy to say that I come away from this voyage with the feeling that it is very possible to be an effective link in the chain that makes a team, if you’re only prepared to make the effort to do it. This has been a truly worthwhile voyage for me and I hope that I have been able to share the valuable experience that Young Endeavour brings with the disabled youths that I have had the pleasure of sailing with.We will arrive at the Mackay Marina at 1100 tomorrow, which is a shame. With this crew I would be more than happy to keep going (as long as I could get to a TV set on Sat night to watch the Wallabies play the Springboks).Will chat briefly tomorrow.Andrew (with Lizard and Mark)


20° 40' South / 149° 15'


Wind SE 15-20kts, Temp 16, Clear evening