Captain's Log
22 August 2000

The Staff had to Sing

Overnight the Youth Crew, having entrenched themselves firmly in command of Young Endeavour, left Mooloolaba well behind and reached the first objective during the ‘guts’ watch and proved the existence of a seamount (thought to be a Volcano). Having reached this milestone with ease, the ship shaped course for Caloundra with only two tacks overnight (one unintentional).The Activity Coordinators, Katherine and Trisha, did a great job at keeping everybody’s spirits high. Morning brief the next day was interrupted by several whales and dolphins surfacing close aboard, and staff had to sing on the bridge roof for the usual crimes.A mystery island appeared after lunch causing the Beach Assault Team to be launched to claim the land for the Youth of Australia and, of course, get very wet. Soon after the ship reached the objective at Caloundra and Command was reluctantly handed back to me. Moreton Bay was transited that afternoon and after a viewing of the great movie ‘Around Cape Horn’ the Youth Crew were extremely keen to show they were all ‘super seamen’ by climbing and gasketing during very strong winds and doing it in record time. Well done, champs.Following a Command Day debrief, where some good and some not so good points were raised and learnt from, it was off to bed after an extremely busy 36 hours. Tomorrow we conduct a half-day sail taking about 50 guests to sea. It should be great sailing in these strong winds.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


27° 10' South / 153° 12'


Current situation at 1800: In Moreton Bay after Command Day. Temp 16, Wind Northerly at 25 knots. Proceeding to anchorage.