Captain's Log
6 February 2001

The Sound of a Raving Scotsman

CO’s log for Tue 6 Feb 01Have had a busy day making preparations for the YC Command Day which will begin at 0600 (6am) tomorrow. The YC have selected their own fearless leaders to finish our journey. All are tired after some hard sailing, but the anticipation of tomorrow’s events has everyone digging deep to face up to the huge challenge ahead. The challenge – land a team ashore in Hunter’s Bay to ‘claim a piece of land for the youth of Australia’, then sail the ship from Sydney to Newcastle. A tough assignment for a team who formed just over a week ago. I’ll keep you posted as events progress. Wishing you all fair winds and following seas, Matthew RoweYouth Crew Entry for 6 Feb 01:Ahoy there land lubbers, its Matt Urbani and Michael Fenwick reporting. Today was action packed, starting in the early morning during the ‘guts’ watch (12am-4am) as we were greeted with a pod of dolphins that glowed lumenescently like an underwater comet in the rolling swell that smashed against the hull. We finished our watch and got to bed, only to be awoken by the sound of a raving Scotsman reciting ‘it’s so chunky you could carve it’ in a weak Australian accent.Tomorrow is the much anticipated ‘command day’ and we are all excited to see what we are able to achieve. Matt- hi ho family and friends, having a ‘SMASHING’ time – I’ll be home soon. Michael- Hey folks and folkees, having a ball I’ll be home soon – thanx for the great opportunity. Hideeho family and friends this is two of the witches of Blue watch…Leighski and Duck (Kim). Now that we are all almost totally over our sickness we are having a ball.Today we voted for the command day crew and we are extremely proud to pronounce that we (us two and Kelli) have been voted in as chefs. We have decided on a fabulous menu including pancakes, chocolate crackles and fried rice.We are now passing the southern suburbs of Sydney and will be anchoring in Sydney Harbour tonight. We are nearly at our final destination of Newi Chewy…Yip Yah!Leigh- Hi Mum, Dad, Billy Boy etc. Give the dogs a big pat for me. I am having lots of fun, but I am looking forward to having a shower that is longer that 90 seconds.Kim- Hi Mum, Dad, Louise, Jenny and my fave little sis Steph. I am having a great time and cant wait too get home (mum have some chops ready for me) miss you all heaps lots of love Kimbo.


34° 21' South / 151° 14'


Situation at 1800: Sailing North off the Royal National Park. Wind SE at 21 knots Temp 20C.