Captain's Log
14 August 2000

The Sea is a Millpond

Hi everybody. Let me begin by thanking Andrew Rourke for giving me the opportunity to be Captain for this voyage from Gladstone to Brisbane, in preparation for me assuming Command on 7 Sep. I’m looking forward to this just as much as Andrew is to working on deck – the staff crew are certainly happy too!24 eager youth crew joined this afternoon and we got away to an early start. Having anchored within the harbour a few hours ago, everyone has begun getting to know their shipmates and their ship. My initial impression is that they are a great bunch and are at this moment climbing aloft to the lower top. However, I don’t think too many at this stage are admiring the view! It’s a glorious evening – the sea is a millpond and a full moon is shining down upon the ship.Tomorrow will be a huge day. Lots to learn and lots to remember. Hopefully the winds will rise so we can make ground under sail to the whale watching capital – Hervey Bay – by Thursday.That’s all from me this evening. Overnight the youth crew will climb to the very top of the mast and out onto the yards. And the view will still be great.Speak to you tomorrow…Andrew Davis


23° 50' South / 151° 19'


Current Situation at 1800: At anchor in Gladstone Harbour, Wind 090-2kts, Temp 19, and a big full moon.