Captain's Log
V09/19 Cairns to Airlie Beach
21 June 2019

The real challenge

Ahoy shipmates and welcome to day 9. It’s Dion here again to fill you in on the day’s activities. Overnight we remained at anchor in the protection of Scawfell Island. After their command day elections the Youth Crew had a movie night (complete with popcorn) and then settled into anchor watches for the remainder of the night.A busy morning followed with the normal early wake up and morning brief followed by happy hour and then “Opposites” where the Youth Crew elected to positions had the opportunity to discuss all of their thoughts and questions with their Staff Crew equivalent. Then the moment they’d all been waiting for arrived. Captain Steph and her motley crew were given the keys to this magnificent tall ship. The staff handed over and are now enjoying a well earned day off. . .    I’ll now hand over to Taylor and Lizzy to fill you in on the activities from their perspective. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Dion                       Ahoy there maties! Taylor and Lizzy here. This morning started in anticipation as we woke to the beating hearts of a crew ready to take the ship for themselves! MUTANY! In our briefing, Captain Steph outlined the tasks of the next 24 hours which began with hauling the entire youth crew up the foremast and into the yards for a group photo. Next photo moment was on the man-made, 25 person hammock made by some knot-worthy youthies. Then began the real challenge… Adrian not getting sunburnt!The masterminds behind our challenging 24 hours took their well deserved holidays in the staff quarters, while the leaders of the youth crew worked hard to make plans to get us all safely to port! In setting our first sails independently from anchor, we looked less like crew members and more like chickens as we scurried around deck. The Young Endeavour fought valiantly and left many of us with bumps and bruises – but we forged on with our heads held high! At last we were at sea again and powering towards Airlie Beach! Our second attempt was all hands on deck as we tacked the ship and did so with the ease and efficiency of a crew who had lived on the boat for over a week – oh wait that’s us. About time! Hard at work in the helm were the navigational team, constantly tracking our journey, while down below the crew enjoyed their last few days at sea – making up songs, putting together presentations and completing the other tasks set by our sea lords! Not to mention the hard working chefs feeding us all along the way! All in all the day was a success! But the day is only half way through as night watches begin and the crew take their shut eye. Who knows what will happen tonight and how we will manage the darkness and the wild seas, but it will all be worth it on this challenging but incredible adventure of ours!


20-40.29S / 149-21.38E


Wind 158 at 22knots Sea 2m  Swell  SE at 1.5m