Captain's Log
29 March 2001

The Promise of Land

We had a really uncomfortable night at sea last night and by this morning we had arrived off Nambucca Heads with just a few miles to go to Coffs. We flew along at about 10 Knots with a fresh sou’wester rising to get us into port by 3pm. Then it was all hands ashore for a look around in town and some sport, and perhaps a climb to the top of Muttonbird Island.This evening we held three way talks and it was a hoot as we found about a little bit more of each other courtesy of a shipmate. Then the YC were entrusted to look after the ship and kept an hour on watch overnight, keeping anchor watches in the snug bay. Tomorrow we will continue up the coast and we aim to get to the Sunshine Coast by Sunday. Apparently there is a lone oarsmen out here rowing his way to Oz from Peru. He probably won’t want a tow…Youth Crew entry by Tom Dusseldorp, Age 18 From Edgecliff.Thursday is the day that the youth crew were promised land. Coffs Harbour. This might not seem that great to all you people sitting at home but, to us it seemed like a light had turned on inside us, we all smiled a little more and there seemed to be more enthusiasm in the crew, the sails went up quicker and lines being pulled faster. The entry into the harbour must be mentioned as it must have been quite a sight. The Young Endeavour tore into the harbour under full sial, breaking through the waves and the whole crew rushing over the ship to secure lines and haul in sail. We anchored the boat while the YC were eagerly awaiting their coke and chocolate fix. I know that Liz Perrin wanted to say hello to her parents and that Brad still hasn’t had a shower. I would love to say high to the family at home and also to my sister who I think must be worried for me, but I have thought on what you said and I will do my best. We leave anchor tomorrow and will see u soon. XXXOOO Tommie.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


30° 18' South / 153° 8'


CO's Log Thursday 29 Mar 01Current situation at 1800: At anchor Coffs Harbour. It's cold and windy.