Captain's Log
13 November 2007

The Pool is Open!

Ahoy there shipmates,This morning we sailed from anchor but a short while later had to resort to motors in the dieing wind. On the plus side the calm conditions gave us the opportunity to stop the ship and open the pool, the cold South Australian waters little deterring our merry crew with the rope swing rigged from the course yardarm proving very popular.This afternoon sufficient breeze came in from the south to allow us to conduct demonstration tacks where we cycle every youth crew member through the bridge position in a series of four tacks. This provides them with the whole ship perspective of this critical sailing ship evolution, and brings them another step closer to their command day.Now we continue to sail in the light breeze, we will be at sea tonight and tomorrow we hope to be at Kangaroo Island.A special feature for this evening: two members of Blue Watch, Ciara and Emma have volunteered to make a contribution to today’s log.Yours Aye,Captain BobYouth Crew Entry:It’s the end of day six and one word can sum up our voyage so far��_exhilarating!Our hours are spent tacking, wearing, heaving, checking away and furling, but more important singing, dancing, Young Endeavour idol, rope races, never ending games and mingling.Blue watch, which includes Em, Ciara ,Fluke Boy, Batman, Scotty, Aidan, Mel, Nat and Sarah, is currently on dog watch (6-8pm) and we’re practising for yet another awesome wake up call at 5:30am, we ended our last with a combination of Sister Act, Lion King, and the Adams family.Yesterday we set anchor at Robe where we all enjoyed mid-voyage talks, ice-cream and Jared’s famous BBQ on deck, three way discussions and cherades. King Island was our first stop from Devonport; we set foot on land and tasted many cheeses as well as a bus trip around the island.Overall in these 6 days we are feeling more confident with sailing a tall ship and looking forward to Command Day��_woohoo! Everyone is getting along great and enjoying life at sea, now that we have found our sea legs and spew-o-metre is non existent.To all of blue watch’s mothers, were not coming home, having way too much fun on board and don’t want this adventure to end. Written by Ciara and Emma (Blue watch)


36° 30' South / 138° 59' East


Light south wind, high cloud, calm seas on long low swell.