Captain's Log
7 December 2012

The penny has dropped.

Howdy Folks, It was another busy day at the office today and despite the near constant rain, the Youth Crew’s enthusiasm has never wanned. Matt must have been feeling kind this morning and gave us all a bit of a sleep in knowing what lay ahead. After our standard morning rituals, the anchor was weighed and we sailed out into the Whitsunday Passage. With heavy rain and visibility reduced to less than a mile, we conducted a set of rope races and then after lunch conducted demonstration tacks. By mid afternoon we were reaching northwards under the three square sails and all fore and aft plain sail. Despite the gloomy weather we would have looked spectacular with the stiff Sou’ Easter on our quarter giving us a good turn of speed. I then had a chat to the Youth Crew about Command Day and they then went about conducting their elections for the various positions. Friendly competition must have been fierce as there were lots of cheers and applause coming from the Youth Crew mess. Sadly not everybody gets what they want and I emphasised it will be teamwork that gets them through on the day and everybody has a part to play. Each watch in turn then demonstrated to me their ability to safely set and furl the sails. All watches did well and then it was all hands on deck to hand in sail as the ship proceeded to anchor on the Western side of Hayman Island at 2100. Once at anchor all Youth Crew lay aloft to sea furl the square sails and mainsail. It has been a busy day.  Tomorrow will certainly be a big day and I expect the Command Day will get underway shortly before lunch. I hope being Friday the 13th is not an ominous sign. Captain Gunna Carpe’ diem PS – missing you Honey xx


20° 3' South / 148° 53' East


At anchor Blue Pearl Bay, Hayman Island.  Wind 180 / 7 kts