Captain's Log
3 July 2001

The Green Flash

Since yesterday’s log our youth crew have been very busy. Initial climbs aloft the 30-metre mast last night tested everyone’s nerve for heights and it was great that everyone was keen and able to ‘lay aloft’ (for you landlubbers that is ‘climb the mast’). Even those who were affected by seasickness were giving it a go (much to the chagrin of some others on deck). Overnight we made about 115 nautical miles across the JB Gulf, which holds us in good stead for the rest of our voyage.After a busy night ‘on-watch’ there were few that weren’t tired and the long, hot day learning safety on deck, line handling and sail setting pushed us all. The day culminated with a few tacks (turning the bow of the ship through the eye of the wind) and then with a beautiful sunset with hints of ‘le rayon vert’ (ie. ‘the green flash’ ��� but more on that later in the voyage).Tonight is a lovely dry-season evening, with good winds to help us along and hopefully tomorrow we’ll find a comfortable anchorage in the Eastern approaches to the beautiful Kimberley Coast.Until then, fair winds and following seas to you all,Matthew Rowe


13° 24' South / 128° 6'


CO's Log Tuesday 3 July 2001Situation at 1800: Sailing West across Joseph Bonaparte Gulf. Wind 170/12 knots. Temp 26 degrees. Speed 3.5 knots.