Captain's Log
V03/18 Sydney to Devonport
2 May 2018

The Four Seamigos

Ahoy there Shipmates, After a restful night at anchor at Leeka, the crew were woken by Sail Master James at 0615 and mustered on deck for another early morning swim and rope swing. We then dined on another of Marcus’ delicious breakfasts before the morning brief, during which ‘Salty’ explained, through the fine acting skills of the Staffies, the tradition of a Ship’s ‘Figurehead’ and why Ship’s toilets are called ’Heads’. Happy hour followed, during which the Staffies weighed anchor and commenced the passage to Devonport. At 1300 my Staff Crew and I got dressed-up in our best boardies and conducted the handover ceremony at which I handed Young Endeavour over to Captain Isaac and his able-bodied crew to use for Command Day to achieve their tasks and most importantly to have fun! Until tomorrow at 1300 when the adventure of Command Day draws to a close! Yours Aye Captain Mike ————————————————————————————————– Ahoy! Young Endeavour Youth Captain Isaac Hampton here, Since assuming youth command of the ship at 1300 we have decided on a course and heading, had a quick swim in the local 40m deep diving pool, covered 32 Nautical Miles at an average of 6 Knots and maintaining a bearing of 230 degrees as we head south west towards Devonport, set up and had an informal dance party, constructed a voyage mural and set most Stay Sails and the Jib. Unfortunately, we have had to use the engines in order to cover ground, due to lack of wind and with waypoints and deadlines to meet. Now however, as I write this, we have cut the engines and are preparing to set our square sails and if the wind is favourable we should speed on through the night.Of course, none of this could have been achieved without the help of my newly elected leadership team ‘The four seamigos’ Consisting of Ayden “King of canvas” Skorulis as Sail Master, Holly “The human compass” Collins-Tattire as Navigator and Julian “Iron Fist” Heath as Watch officer.Other newly elected key roles are the three Watch Leaders, Zac taking control of the new Blue Watch, Mel M assuming command of the new Red Watch and finally Gert, the new White Watch. They are settling well into their roles and will grow in confidence and understanding of their new watches with patience and time (likely over the 4h night watch chats).We have also elected Mel P, Caitlin and Alex as our chefs and they have not disappointed! Cooking up a storm and producing some delicious pasta and mouth watering brownies on the first night.That’s all from me for now, I’ll keep you posted with the subsequent results of command day tomorrow. Yours AyeIsaacNot all who wander are lost.


40 41.5' S / 147 04.5' E


Weather - fine with occasional clouds, Wind - easterly at 23 kn, Swell - negligible, Temp - 18 deg. C