Captain's Log
25 July 2000

The Flat Aback Tack

The big day has arrived and the Youth Crew have taken over the ship. Thus far all has gone well. They successfully sailed the ship from anchor and proceeded to sea with an upwind work required to get them to their first destination at Scawfell Island by 1600. During the process they have developed a hitherto unknown method of tacking, we shall here on call a ‘flat aback tack’. Not exactly text book, or intentional for that matter, but it worked and they duly arrived at their destination with ample daylight left to get the Beach Assault Team ashore. Mission accomplished at Scawfell they now have to take us to anchor off Mackay by tomorrow morning. It’s been a busy day, with lots of sailing, amusements provided by the activity coordinators and we have been well fed by the Youth Crew cooks.Youth Crew entry by Bart Harrington (age 17 from Sydney) – Today has been our big day, the day where we get control of the ship. All positions usually done by the staff were handed over to the youth crew, these postions include Captain, XO, navigator, cooks, watch officers and watch leaders. A fun and successful day was had by all ��� we even had time for a swim in the late afternoon at Scawfell while the Beach Assault Team where rowing to the island. Now we must sail during the night to reach Mackay by 1000 and complete the command day challenge.Until tomorrow Cap’n Bob


20° 52' South / 149° 35'


At anchor off Scawfell Island. Wind southeast 10 knots, temp 18 degrees, skies partly cloudy.