Captain's Log
20 January 2003

The First of Many Challenges

Situation at 21:00- Voyage 02/03 started this afternoon when 24 Youth Crew members joined the Ship. There is poor holding ground off Port Kembla so we are conducting the day one program alongside. The Staff Crew for the voyage are: Captain John (Neptune), Executive Officer Paul (Chooka), Navigator Aaron (Bullet), Watch Officer Luke (Lukish),White Watch Leader Michael (Dutchy), Blue Watch Leader Greg (Rags), Red Watch Leader Chantel (Channie), Engineer Simon (Stewy) and Chef Ben (Stony).The Youth Crew have just completed their first climb aloft. They went up and over the Lower Top and were greeted on deck with amug of Kye. This represents the completion of their first challenge and they all did a great job. Now its onward to bigger and better challenges. The first watch has closed up and are busy learning some of the more important knots, bends and hitches.Overnight the watches will complete their second climb, this time to the T’Gallant Yardarm. They will also learn more about thedifferent areas of the Ship. Today marked a significant achievement for a former YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Staff Crew member. Petty Officer Eddie Fielder was presented a Maritime Commander’s commendation by Rear Admiral Raydon Gates. This prestigious award was in recognition of Eddie’s long anddedicated service in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. Over the past several years he has served onboard for 49 voyages. Throughout that time heunfailingly provided outstanding service to the hundreds of young Australians who passed through the Ship. His sense of humour andleadership ability have provided a fine example for the whole Ship’s Company. BZ Eddie for a well deserved award.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Staff Crew consists of nine members of the Royal Australian Navy. Each one is fully qualified in their profession, and has undergone a formal suitability assessment prior to being posted to YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. In addition to their RAN ‘hard’ skills, they are also assessed on their ‘soft’ skills, theirability to work with and relate to the Youth Crew.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Brace- The line from each end of a yard (the yardarm) by which the yard is swung or braced around to set the square sail to the wind. Fore Course-The course sail set from the course yard of the foremast. In a Brigantine such as YOUNGENDEAVOUR it is the largest square sail.Thought of the Day: Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Saint Francis.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


34° 27' South / 150° 54' East


Alongside the Grain Wharf at Port Kembla. Wind: Nor' West at 10 kts, Temp: 22c, Cloud Cover: 3/8.