Captain's Log
9 July 2000

The Dangers of Golf!

24 new youth crew, all from Townsville, joined the ship at midday today. After lunch I introduced the staff to them and formally welcomed them onboard. At 1400, we let go our lines and proceeded to sea from the Mackay Marina. It was a glorious afternoon and as the ship motor sailed to the NE, the YC went about the business of learning the lines and getting to know one another.At 1630, the ship transited the very pretty Egremont Passage between Keswick and St Bees Islands. The ship anchored some 40 mins later. Dinner was next on the agenda and very shortly the YC will all get their first chance to climb the foremast. We will remain at anchor overnight and get underway by mid morning tomorrow when we will start heading north towards the Whitsunday Passage. This following has nothing to do with this voyage, however I have a funny story to tell after our weekend in Mackay. Ducky, one of the watchleaders, was having a round of golf with the other staff crew when he had a nature call. Having found the facilities, and whilst minding his own business, something jumped up from below and attached itself to him. Needless to say it gave our Ducky a bit of a fright! Now on his feet, Ducky searched for the culprit to find quite a large green frog in the toilet bowl.That’s it for this evening and if I have any more good Duck tales, I’ll pass them on.Andrew


20° 53' South / 149° 25'


At anchor Keswick Is, Wind SE 10kts, Temp 19, Clear evening