Captain's Log
20 April 2000

The Bright Lights of Sydney

After disembarking our half day sail guests yesterday, we motored around to anchor in Farm Cove, where the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge provides a magnificent backdrop to the final hours of our voyage. The afternoon was spent cleaning the ship and putting neat harbour furls on all the sails in preparation for going alongside. Then, after dinner, we all had the opportunity to display our Thespian talents with the ship’s concert, each watch, including staff, providing a humorous skit about their voyage. The Opera House behind our tall ship stage seemed particularly fitting. This morning it was the final set of cleaning stations, then into harbour uniforms and all Youth Crew aloft for a YOUNG ENDEAVOUR ceremonial entry and alongside at 1000. My final pleasant duty was the presentation of the Youth Crew’s voyage certificates and the Order of Australia Award to the Youth Crew member who best displayed the ideals of the Youth Scheme and the spirit of their voyage. Always a difficult decision with many of the Crew worthy of the award, this Voyage’s winner was Jordan Rayner.And so concludes Voyage 8 of 2000. Despite the lack of wind, and in some respects because of it, the voyage was still very challenging and rewarding and I am confident to say that everyone learnt a lot from it.All the best, have fun and challenge yourself each day.Cap’n Bob


33° 51' South / 151° 13'


Alongside Garden Island, Sydney. Wind northwest 10 knots, blue skies, Temp 23