Captain's Log
4 December 2000

The Boat is Still Afloat

After I handed Command of Young Endeavour to Patrick, 23, of Queanbeyan and Voyage 17/00, the YC decided to make haste and we sailed from the anchorage in record time. Soon we left The Nut far behind and were up to 6 knots on our way toward Burnie. The day so far has gone really well for them: their objective seems to be almost within reach.Youth crew entry by Paula Haines, 18, of Emu Plains and Paula Monaghan, 22 of Sydney: Today is Command Day and the Youth Crew have control of the ship (about time). We were all a bit nervous and unsure this morning of how we would perform. Everybody has new responsibilities and challenges and we’ve all been working hard. But fun and games have been had by all also, and nobody is sick from our nominated chefs’ cooking (yet). The day is not over and the boat is still afloat (that’s a good thing). We can’t believe it’s almost over and we will be leaving our new found friends and going home to our parents.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


40° 56' South / 146° 4'


Current situation at 1800: Off the north coast of Tassie during the Youth Crew Command Day. Wind nor'west at 10 knots. Temp 20C, weather great.