Captain's Log
24 June 2002

The Big Day

Situation at 2000: At sea in Hervey Bay conducting Command Day.After today’s morning brief and happy hour, the Youth Crew conducted elections for the different positions that they are required to fill during command day. Neil Tyson was been elected asCaptain and at 1400 a formal handover of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR for the Command Day took place. At 1600 the Youth Crew weighed anchor and currently have seven sails set. They have already sailed the shipthrough the first of several waypoints assigned to them as part of the Command Day challenge and the three Chefs have provided us with a terrific Supper. Sally’s Lemon meringue pie was fabulous. Sunset was spectacular tonight and made even more memorable by the rare phenomen of the Green Flash making an appearance (honest). The night watchesare settling into their routine of navigating, keeping a lookout and making sail changes while the Captain and his team are considering how they can best achieve the mission they have been given.Thought of the day: Your position alone never gives you the right to command. It only imposes on you the duty of living your life so that others can receive your orders without being humiliated. Dag Hammarskjold.Yours, AyeJohn CowanHannah Bryant here, checking in to everyone at home as expected. At the present time we are right in the guts of Command Day, THE BIG DAY, and I am taking leave from my position as navigator for a quick 5 mins while I can. The whole trip has been a major buzz all the waythrough, maybe not so much for some in the first few days (40 knot winds, 4 metre swells and seasickness dont make a great concoction) but my iron guts have proved faithful and the green face syndrome seemed to find a bypass around me. Safe to say I saw enough of everyone elses chunder to last me a lifetime. The first Thursday brought calmed seas and fresh faces up on decks and we youth crew finally got nicely underway. It’s all been heading to this point right now, Command Day, and after a slow start we are speeding towardour next 80 points at a whopping 3 knots (yeeha). Must get back to work now, hi to everyone I know, love you all, miss you all, and much as I’d love to keep sailing, I’ll see you all soon enough. CHEERS,Hannie xox


25° 2' South / 153° 2'