Captain's Log
12 January 2003

The Big Blue Sea

Situation at 20:00- At midnight all hands were piped to tacking stations and the Ship wore onto a Northerly course towards Hunters Bay. The watch-on-deck were kept busy setting and furling different combination of sails as well as climbing aloft. All of this was practise inpreparation for Command Day.Today’s morning brief was a shorter than normal version. Engineer Stewy celebrated his birthday today by giving the scran baga very well earned rest. Salty Sea Dog Loz once again explained the nautical origins of some everyday pharses. Immediately after morning brief, Captain John put the Youth Crew through their paces setting and furling the sails. The aim of this was to prove that the Youth Crew have the ability to safely and efficiently sail YOUNG ENDEAVOURduring Command Day.At 12:00 the Ship sailed to her anchorage at Hunters Bay in Sydney Harbour. This was quite an impressive feat for a group ofbasically non-sailors with only one week’s experience. After lunch, the Youth Crew were ferried ashore to Balmoral Beach for a chance to stretch their legs and empty out the local shops.The Youth Crew have completed their Command Day elections and are busy picking the brains of the Staff Crew. They have beenassigned the mission of sailing from Hunters Bay to the Five Islands group off Port Kembla. On the way they are to pass through several waypoints as well as landing a Beach Assault Team (BAT) to claim a beach for the youth of Australia. They have elected a capable Command team to lead them in their task and we are expecting tomorrow to be agreat experience for Youth Crew and Staff Crew alike.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The ship is fitted with duplicate VHF (short range) and HF (long range) communication systems. She isalso equipped with voice and data satellite communications capable of worldwide coverage. The Ship’s Officers-of-the-Watch are all qualified operators of the Global Maritime Distress Signalling Systemas required by national and international regulations.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: ‘Come Up’- An order which tells all hands who have been taking a strain on a line to let go and allow it to be belayed. ‘Let Draw’- An order to haul in the sheets of a sailso that it draws (fills with wind and drives the Ship)Thought of the day: Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes a slightly better man toacknowledge instantly and without reservation that he is in error. General Peyton C. March.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RANYouth Crew Entries:Greetings all you land dwellers. You don’t know what you’re missing in the big blue sea. Not to worry because I have many stories to share with you. Having a jolly good time yet looking forward to toes in the sand. Take care teddy bears…. laniHello mum, dad and all others that may be out there. I’m having a great time out on the high sea. Dad I found out that yes I do get sea sick and no there was no rum or grog to help loosin the stomach. Overall I have to say I’m having the best time of my life and will see you all very soon. I MADE IT TO THE TOP OF THE MAST AND HAVE PHOTO EVIDENCE. AndrewHello Mum,Dad Dan Deef Moz and Dame. How is everything going in sunshining beautiful Geelong? Having a awesome time climbed to thetop of the mast and overcome a bad spurt of sea sickness so it can only get better. Hope you’ve been catching good waves 4 me Dame cause I’ve been sailing in 6m swell man you would love it haha giv tez a kiss 4 me miss you all. Love Ez the WalrusHi Mum, Dad, Amy and Alaire. I’m having a rad time, and I’m sorry I didn’t ring you today, because I became quite confused with phone stuff. Anyway, everyone loves me (maybe) which is cool. Well say hi to Alaire, if you see her. Love you all. Matt.G’day all in Brisbane, Josh speaking. Having a total blast out here and didn’t get sea sick in the slightest. Will have lots of stories to tell so keep the drinks on ice and I’ll see you all at my 21st party. By the way, ask me how I became a human cannon, it was my birthday present from the crew.


33° 49' South / 151° 16' East


At anchor. Wind: Sou' East at 20 kts. Cloud: 6/8. Temp:22c.