Captain's Log
26 April 2001

The Beach in the Qantas Ad

We had another great night at sea last night with a light SE breeze to help us along. This meant that we sailed into the Whitehaven anchorage mid-morning. I’ll let the Youth crew tell you about that in their entries.After lunch we learnt a little about the others in the crew when each crewmember was asked to introduce themselves as someone else. It was good fun and nice to get to know a little about the others onboard.We then had a simplified discussion on the theory of sailing followed by some practical demonstrations to reinforce the message. During the evening we practiced our safety procedures before settling into watches for the night ahead. It looks set to be a very nice night sailing, so…Youth Crew entries for 26 Apr 01 – Holly Staples 16 from Port Macquarie.I’m having a groovy time, having overcome the epidemic of the ocean ��� ie the ability to keep one’s food down. Today we anchored at Whitehaven Beach (the beach in the Qantas ad) and all of us took advantage of the beautiful white sand and crystal clear water. VERY NICE! White watch continues to be the most entertaining of the three watches. Hello to Mum, Dad, Callum, and all of my wonderful friends who I’m sure will have a wonderful time at school next week.Elissa Staff 21 from Deception Bay.Yes folks as promised I managed to make my way here to communicate to all those on dry land. All is well on our little vessel. You’ll be pleased to know we are all in good form. The spew factor has been considerably reduced, bruises are appearing more frequently, and we are all keen on gaining a few more z’s if possible. We are now sailors of the high seas and are quite stoked to be woken up at 3 in the morning to tack the ship. (We hate the demanding voice over the loud speaker who is forever waking us up). Greetings to all those back on dry land, we are having a blast. Hello to mother and fatherbear, Dan, Beau, and all those other pirate wannabe’s who wanted to do this as well. See you all if we decide to come back.Until tomorrow ��� fair winds and following seas to you all.Matthew Rowe


20° 17' South / 149° 3'


Situation at 1800: Sailing North approximately three miles to the E of Hook Is in the Whitsundays. Wind from the E at 12 knots. Clear skies. A beautiful evening for sailing. Temp 25C.