Captain's Log
19 November 2009

The Barometer Plunges!

Voyage Log – Thursday 19 Nov Day 2A busy day for all in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR began this morning at 0630 with some exercise and a few games on the upper deck. After a luxurious 90 sec shower and a wonderful breakfast from Master-Chef Snowey (how does he do it in such a small space?), it was time to get to know the other kind of ���Happy Hour’ ��� where we turn the music up and the ship upside down. After a short but sweet session of cleaning it was up onto deck just in time to see the anchor aweigh and the heat evaporate as we welcomed a cooling breeze. It was all about safety then as each watch set and furled sails – and then again more sails – until the new crew had proven that they could work as a team to heave in, check-away, pass stoppers and use winches, and that they would ensure each others safety in any of the varied conditions we may encounter. By early evening a cold front came in from afar plunging the temperature in only a very few minutes. As I write this there is a good chance of a thunderstorm as the watches settle-in and learn how to helm, give look-out reports and conduct safety rounds��_So far the crew is too tired and too salty to be seasick – so fingers crossed there won’t be too much in this front!Until tomorrow,Captain Paul


35° 42' South / 138° 5' East


As a thunderstorm approaches, the wind has come around to the west and the temperature is dropping rapidly. There is only a very small swell and the sea state is slight ...