Captain's Log
28 May 2012

The Adventure Begins

VOYAGE 09/12 DAY 2 MONDAY 28th MAY 2012 Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day two of the voyage. Last night we remained alongside the wharf overnight and the Youth Crew appreciated one last nights rest where the ship is not rocking. Sail Master Damien awoke the crew at 0630 with an entertaining activity to get the blood flowing and let each of the Youth Crew tell the rest of the crew about something that they love doing. After some breakfast and a quick shower the crew started the working day with the fine nautical tradition of colours (Raising the Australian National Flag and the White Ensign). The ceremony was then followed by a not so brief morning brief where several important talkers such as the medic, navigator and chef imparted some of there wisdom of shipborne routines. Following the brief Captain safety took the crew through the important safety equipment that we have onboard and they Youth Crew needs to know about in order to be safe to proceed to sea. After all the routine preparations for sea were made the Youth Crew then got down to learning how to set and furl the sails under the guidance of their Watch Leaders. These drills filled in the forenoon watch (0800-1200) and it was soon time to send the crew to lunch. The Chef Squiz once more cooked up a fantastic feast to feed the now ravenous Youth Crew. I must say that after a morning of hard work their appetites had grown substantially. Once lunch was finished and the Watch Leaders all declared that their watches were safe to go to sea we cast of the bowlines and proceeded out of the port and into Cleavland Bay. Once clear of the confines of the channel we set the Main Staysail, Fore Staysail, Topgallant Staysail, Main and Jib and continued with the sail training. The Youth Crew were picking up the ropes rather quickly and we managed to squeeze in the first set of tacking stations just prior to dinner. With the watches proving to me that they can attend to their lines during tacking stations I sent the two off watch’s bellow to dinner and the Blue watch were given the deck to keep the ship safe. Overnight tonight we will slowly make out way to the North West towards Orpheus Island where the research station has graciously offered to provide a tour of their station. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that tonight and tomorrow brings. Oh and I nearly forgot that Fletch wanted me to pass on to his brother, Happy Birthday, and he hopes that you like the presents that he gave you. Until tomorrow evening, take care. Yours Aye Captain Matt It was with a happy heart that the good Odysseus spread his sail to catch the wind and catch the wind and to use his seamanship to keep his boat straight with the steering oar Homer


18° 54' South / 147° 2' East


Wind SE at 12 Kts Swell SE at 0.8m Temp 19 Degrees