Captain's Log
2 July 2001

Thanks Darwin

We departed Darwin Naval Base this afternoon after a very busy week-long maintenance period. Many thanks go out to the people of Darwin for your hospitality and assistance throughout our stay. A special thanks also goes out to our maintenance services manager, Mr Tony Rose, without his dedication we would not have completed all of the work that we commenced. Thank you.Our new Youth Crew arrived from all over Australia this afternoon, keen and eager to set sail on a high seas adventure. We’ve got a great voyage ahead of us, along some of the most beautiful coastline in Australia – The Kimberley. I’ll keep you updated as we go.Until next time, though, I hope all is smooth sailing.Matthew Rowe


12° 28' South / 130° 49'


CO's Log Monday 2 July 2001 : V11Situation at 1800: Departing Darwin Harbour.